VA Online Conference Time

Its that time of year ! I have signed up have you?

Hear from top experts in the VA industry

Connect with others in the industry.

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The ultimate bundle of training, networking and meeting with other virtual assistants.

  • Learn how to get more paying clients
  • Figure out your pricing structure
  • Learn the best ways to close sales
  • Maximize your marketing plans

Webinar Topics Include

  • Get Booked Solid with a Full Roster of Clients
  • Make More Money and Attract Your Perfect Clients Using these 3 Keys to Building Profitable Packages
  • 5 Simple Reasons Why You Haven’t Found Your First Client – And How to Fix Them!
  • Ditch That Laundry List of Services and Get Specific – So You Can Get Clients
  • Avoiding the VA Scams…
  • Positioning Yourself as an Expert in Order to Get (and Keep) Clients
  • Easy Ways to Get More Clients Through the Power of Content
  • How to Create Your Client Attracting Website
  • Solving the Target Audience Mystery: Discover Who Your Customers Are & What They Want
  • 3 Ways to Turn Done-for-You Services Into Digital Products So You Can Break Out of the Daily Dollars-for-Hours Grind
  • Easy Ways to Retain Your Clients by Keeping Their Website Secure
  • Why You Shouldn’t Use Virtual Assistant As Your Title"
  • The Secret Behind Landing Dream Clients
  • 10 Steps To Finding Clients On LinkedIn
  • Are You Maximizing your Facebook Page as an Asset for Your Business?
  • The VA Myth And How To Break Free From It
  • 10 Steps to "Closing the Sale" with a New Client
  • Pinterest Basics For You and Your Clients
  • Handle (Even) More Clients with Confidence
  • Leveraging Live Events For Clients: Making The Most Before, During, & After

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Whats happening at this online conference?

  • Top experts in the virtual assistant industry
  • live seminars and Q and A's
  • 20+ hours of training
  • Network with other VA's
  • Network with industry experts
  • Prizes and special offers
INSTANT ACCESS to ALL of these Tools and Training When You Upgrade to GOLD or DIAMOND


Swag bag for gold and diamond registration

Here’s a sneak peek at $1500++ worth of premium courses and tools in our Swag Bag…

  1. ($97) Become a Proactive VA Training Track from Tawnya Sutherland
  2. ($47) 60 Done-for-You Blog Posts for Freelancers & Coaches from Coachglue
  3. ($197) Masterclass “Vacation doesn’t help anymore? There is a way out of overwhelm, burnout and exhaustion.” from Ann Bondarchuk
  4. ($27) Complete Client Onboarding System from Abbey Ashley
  5. ($37) The VA School Crash-Course in Sales & Marketing For Your VA Business from Laura Licursi
  6. ($47) Home Business Balance Business Financial Planner from Krishna Woods
  7. ($37) Using Pinterest to Promote Your Blog Posts from Stacey Myers
  8. ($19) How to Find, Sign and Keep Clients from Regina Lewis
  9. ($17) Webinar Outline Guide & Worksheet from Proactive Blueprints
  10. ($17) Easy Peasy Website Maintenance Checklist from Renee Shupe
  11. ($27) Weekly Newsletter Planner Guidebook & Weekly Newsletter Planner from Dortha Hise
  12. ($20.99) GoKiss Social Platform from Nakia D Whittaker-Woody
  13. ($37) Outsourcing Planner from Lynette Chandler
  14. ($27) Entrepreneur’s Guide to T.O.P.: A productivity plan to put your business in the fast lane from Elaine Sellers
  15. ($49) Press Release Essentials from Patrysha Korchinski
  16. ($35) Styled Stock Muse Starter Set from Meg Goodman
  17. ($49) Formatting Words. Because Looks Are Everything! from Cindy Brock
  18. ($47) Bizzy Quote Membership from Vicki Patton
  19. ($30) The Power of Colors & Your Online Business from Christiane Jechoux
  20. ($89) Self-Care For Profits Bootcamp from Val Selby
  21. ($24.95) My Household Budget Journal from Elizabeth Hughes-Callison
  22. ($37) IM How-to Video Training Bundle from Amy Harrop
  23. ($17) New Client Process Guide from Alicia Jay
  24. ($27) FAQ Challenge from Kelly McCausey
  25. ($97) Fast and Focused Marketing Plan from Meredith Eisenberg
  26. ($47) Bundle of Bundles – How to Participate in or Host Giveaways or Bundle Sales from Angela Wills
  27. ($97) Ultimate Profitable Packages Resource Bundle from Lisa Wells
  28. ($397) Productivity Power Program from Craig Cannings
  29. That’s all (so far!) 😉

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