"Your business is writing….creating….building.....My business is connecting authors with their audience" Billie Christensen, The Virtual Success

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I am here to help authors and speakers connect with their audience by freeing up their time and reach more readers through Pinterest.

No one is expecting you to do it all. Trying to complete all the tasks both behind the scenes and in your writing can be overwhelming. Struggling to juggle your job...your life... your day to day obligations, all of that time adds up.

What if you could free up some of that time? Time spent on tasks such as:

  • Research
  • Administrative tasks
  • Reaching out to experts or others for information
  • Trying to get yourself organized
  • Tracking down and scheduling interviews
  • Sending out letters
  • Finding someone or something for this or for that (editors, cover designers, publishers, etc.)

What would you do with that time? Would it allow you to focus on what matters most in your life? Free you up to access those creative juices? Complete something instead of breaking your flow? 

How much more could you do with 5 hours of work removed from your to do list? 10 Hours? Even only 1-2 hours?

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn

the virtual success


Your business is writing….creating….building…..new places, new characters, new worlds for others to escape to and live in. 


My business is connecting authors with their audience by taking the time consuming and administrative tasks off of authors so they can focus on creating and completing their work. I am assuming that you chose to be an author so that you could write your stories and if most of your time is spent on other tasks, YOU could use an assistant.


There is no set amount of time that is required when working with a virtual assistant. You pay for the amount of time that you need - or for a project that you need.

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How can authors use a virtual assistant?


  • Marketing
  • Social Media 
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Research 
  • Source / Schedule editors, cover designers, etc.
  • Email management /Email / Phone / VM 
  • Transcription of notes / memo’s / interviews / dictation
  • KDP Management / Assistance 
  • Book Launches
  • Book Signings 

If you answered yes to any of these than a virtual assistant may be able to help you! 

As an assistant to YOU, I am there for you, to help you, to see you succeed and do whatever I can to make that success come as quickly and easily as possible.

Together we can keep and meet those deadlines, track down and filter the information and resources that you need and keep things running smoothly and efficiently 

The Virtual Success

Added Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

  • Pay for only the time needed, instead of filling the time that you are paying for
  • A virtual assistant is an investment in your company not an expense
  • A virtual assistant will increase productivity and efficiency for you
  • Increase accountability. A virtual assistant can manage calendars, emails, proofread and many other things that provide another set of eyes, ears, and reminders for you
  • Those big obstacles and objections are some of the best reasons that you DO need a virtual assistant
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